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Golf Instruction e-books
Golf Instruction Courses e-books

Golf Instruction Courses e-books

Golf Instruction Courses ebooks now are available directly from this website. 


Book: Learn and Play Golf e-book Golf-Improve Your Putting  e-book Golf Get More Distance

Some golfers may prefer the student ebook only with no video demonstrations or video-based instruction.  The ebooks are very graphic and provide detailed instruction and all the learning exercises. Altough I recommend the video and complementing ebook together, if you would like the ebook only, then click on the title below.

Learn all of your basic golf skills and how to improve your golf game from the instruction provided in these e-books.

IMPORTANTSome of the ebooks have a pre-instruction quiz and a post-instruction knowledge test. The skill-based instruction books also contain skill improvement self-evaluation tests.  

Printable Worksheets for the appropriate ebook are sent as a separate file. They can be used for your personal practice self-evaluation and improvement measurement 

For information about each book please click on the title of the book.

0. Complete Playing Golf Instruction Manual
This 400-plus page ebook provides all of the topic-specific instruction in all of the individual ebooks. From Learn and Play Golf through each of the skill-based instruction courses.

1. Learn and Play Golf 
This book discusses learning golf, playing on the golf course, how to maintain pace of play, and how to practice to improve. If you are a beginning golfer, or have family members or friends who are taking up golf, then this one book will help you get off to a great start.

2. Golf: Improve Your Putting 
Become a very good putter. This golf instruction book provides a step by step process for learning how to consistently putt a golf ball with good accuracy and distance control.
3. Golf: Set-up and A Basic Golf Swing 
This golf instruction book will get you off to the proper start with your golf swing. Learn a properly set-up and how to make a golf swing that is in balance and consistently brings the clubface on plane and square to the target line.

4. Golf Swing Success 
Stop dribbling the ball down the fairway. Learn how to let the clubface loft provide the ball flight height and trajectory that it was designed to deliver. The instruction provides focus on proper swing path, angle of attack, weight distribution, accuracy, and distance control. Get the ball in the air and directly toward your target.
 5. Golf Chip Shots 
Put your game into the scoring zone with accurate chip shots. This instruction discusses chip shot techniques, and how to make short and long chip shots, and longer "knock-down" shots.
6. Golf Pitch Shots 
The ability to make lofted pitch shots is an important golf skill that helps lead to improved shots with all of the clubs. This book discusses and demonstrates how to make good pitch shots with consistent distance control.

7. Release the Golf Club 
The release is confusing to many golfers. In this book you will learn to release the club such that you acquire your maximum swing speed near the impact position. The book includes practice drills and demonstrates the use of a swing release training device.

8. Golf Wedge Play 
Learn about wedges, bounce, wedge shots and distances, and how to get out of sand bunkers.
9. Golf Approach Shots 
Approach shots discusses and demonstrates your 2nd or 3rd shots toward the green. It discusses club selection, lie of the ball, target location, distance from the target, and more. It demonstrates practice drills and shots with irons, hybrids and fairway woods. You will need to complete the learning exercise drills in order to develop your skills. 
10. Golf Tee Shots
This Tee Shots training course discusses Tee Shots from par 3, par 4 and par 5 holes. It discusses club selection, ball position in your stance, tee box angles, likely landing spot choices / target locations, and much more. It is the 10th instruction course and the 9th skill-based training course in the Playing Golf Instruction Program. 

11. Golf: Get More Distance 
From wedge to driver, learn the real elements necessary to actually acquire more distance. Learn to drive the ball farther than you ever thought possible.
This instruction is for persons who already have a reasonably consistent golf swing, or who have completed all of the golf instruction courses training courses.
Key instructions in this designed training program include methods to improve set-up, swing path, clubface sweetspot contact, as well as techniques to help increase applied power and swing speed. There are numerous learning exercise drills that you need to complete that will help you improve contact with the sweet spot on the clubface and increase your shot distances. Your student ebook will be sent to your registered email address immediately after your purchase is verified. You will improve your ball striking and increase your distance. The training requires about 16 hours of time. Most students can complete the training over one or two weekends.

12. Short Game Skills
This “Short Game Skills” golf instruction is a compilation of 4 golf instruction courses that discuss short game skills; i.e., Chip Shots, Pitch Shots, Release, and Wedge Play. If you already play golf you know that a good short game, that is shots close to the green where short irons are typically used and shot precision is necessary, can make the difference between a reasonably good score vs. a poor score. Here you will learn technique and distance control. There are numerous learning exercise drills and worksheets for you to complete that will help you significantly improve. The student ebook will be sent to your registered email address immediately after your purchase is verified.

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