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1.0 e-book Learn and Play Golf
Learn and Play Golf - Playing the Game ebook, (Read Only Format).
This book is a "must read" for persons who are learning to improve their golf skills or who want to learn to play golf. It will help you better understand and enjoy your golfing experiences. Start your golf instruction here. This book is also for persons who:
(1) would like to play golf but are not sure how to get started, especially at an affordable price,
(2) currently play golf in a league and have a high handicap,
(3) want to learn how to improve the pace of play on the golf course
(4) coach or teach golf and want a source of information to help bring their beginning and intermediate students up to a base level of golf knowledge and understanding.
Within this book you will learn about (1) golf equipment and how to save money by selecting the best equipment for your skill level, (2) the information that each golf course hole provides as you are playing on the course, (3) how to play the different par level holes on the golf course, (4) what the information on the score card means, (5) some basic golf rules, etiquette and how to best maintain the pace of play on the course, and (6) how to practice and simulate playing on a golf course in your own yard.
As part of an overall training program, like in school or college, there is a quiz covering the information presented. It is at the end of the book. There is also a brief pre-instruction quiz at the beginning of the book. How well can you do?
Please see the Book Outline, below.

This book is in PDF read only format and is compatible with most computers that have a recent version of the Adobe PDF reader. It may not be compatible with e-readers, cell phones, or other devices.
The book is delivered to you via e-mail shortly after your credit card payment is received and verified. Please contact us if you do not receive your book within 2-hours after your purchase.

Book Outline Section
Learn and Play Golf
- Prologue
- Pre-instruction Test
Introduction Part 1
Playing the Game Part 2
- Golf - Etiquette and Rules
- Equipment
- - Golf Clubs
- - Golf Balls
- - Other Equipment Items
- Fitness and Exercise
- Almost Ready to Play Golf
- - Pace of Play
- Time to Play Golf
- - The First Hole
- - A Par 3 Hole
- - A Par 5 Hole
Golf Course Play Simulation Part 3
Summary Part 4
Post-instruction Test Part 5
About the Author
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