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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these real golf lessons or only golf video clips?

Each golf instruction course is a designed multiple-lesson training course with specific elements that help students learn a task or skill and then retain that ability.
These elements include;

  • a printable, graphically-intense student booklet(s) that you continue to use to help you thoroughly learn the skill
  • learning exercises that help you develop and engrain the action or skill it into your skill set
  • video demonstrations that show the “how to” techniques and the learning exercises and instruction in the respective book.

Depending on the specific course or book, there may be golf swing instructions, putting instruction, short game instruction, driver, woods, or hybrid golf instruction, basic set-up instruction, etc.  The learning exercises are thoroughly discussed and demonstrated, and worksheet templates are provided for you to measure your improvement. The video demonstrations then compliment the student booklets and learning exercises and show how to set up and complete the exercises. 

2. Did a professional golfer develop the golf lessons? 

This training was developed by Philip Lawrence, a certified member of the United States Golf Teacher’s Federation (USGTF). He has been playing golf for more than 50 years and has developed and taught technical and management training courses in one of the world’s largest industries. He used this expertise, in collaboration with instructional design and website development professionals, to develop these state-of-the-art training books and video demonstrations.

3. How does this online golf instruction differ from any other online golf lesson?

The golf instruction courses that we provide are designed learning experiences. That is, they contain those elements that enhance learning and retention. To improve and enhance the golf training, instructional design elements are included in each course or lesson that help the student learn the specific technique. Students learn from reading the material and seeing the graphics, viewing and listening to the video demonstrations, and doing the building block learning exercises -– reading, seeing, hearing, doing, and then measuring performance. These five methods of learning encompass each of the areas that all persons rely on most to learn and retain a skill. It will typically take a student anywhere from 1 to 12 or more hours to complete a course, which includes the learning exercises that are part of the learning experience.

4. Why do you use plastic golf balls to demonstrate many of your golf swing lessons?

The wiffle-style plastic golf balls are very effective. They work by helping you learn to execute your shots! They also allow you to easily see your ball flight.

We looked at why people are reluctant to learn, practice, and play golf. Three important reasons were (1) the cost to practice, (2) the time to practice, and (3) the fear of embarrassment playing on a golf course. The use of the wiffle-style plastic golf balls addresses each of these issues, and the flight of this type of plastic ball well represents the flight of real golf balls.

The wiffle-style plastic golf balls are very inexpensive and they can often be used in the confines of your own yard or a small park area. Learning and practicing with these balls helps to develop the same skill as when using real golf balls, yet the cost is affordable and the time required for practice is much less. These type of plastic golf balls help identify golf swing faults and improvements. You graduate to real golf balls after you develop the technique or skill with the plastic golf balls.

Additionally, because you can often learn in your own yard, there is no worry about embarrassment and you do not have to travel any distance that takes undo time. You also do not need to dress-up for a visit to a country club or golf course. You can learn or practice 15 to 20 minutes a day just by walking outside. After you gain a comfortable level of skill you can then go to a golf driving range or golf course to verify that you have developed the skill and enjoy playing golf.

5. Do you provide private or group golf lessons?

Yes. Conventional instructor-led golf lessons are provided at the practice range at Tanglewood Golf Course in South Lyon, MI, and other southeast Michigan locations. (See our Michigan Golf Lessons web page.) 

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