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Michigan Golf Lessons
Golf Lessons and Instruction Programs in Southeast Michigan

Golf Lessons and Instruction Programs in Southeast Michigan


Improve your game with our proven golf instruction process and golf lessons.

Free beginner get started lesson.  

Contact me to schedule your lesson.

Let's take a look at your golf swing!

Three locations: I am located in the Brighton / Hartland / South Lyon Michigan area, and begiinig in 2023, lessons may also be available in the Manistee & Muskegon County/west-Michigan areas. Online lessons are available everywhere there is Internet access.

Learn to play your best golf!


Customized small group lessons, semi-private lessons, private lessons, family lessons, and on the course playing lessons are available. Golf swing evaluations, video analyses, and specialty lessons such as club gapping measurements, swing speed and tempo time assessments, short game lesson packages are available.

Golf Instruction and Lessons

Parts of most semi-private and private golf lessons are video-recorded and you are provided with an online video of your swing and a report discussing the recommended improvements and learning exercises/drills to help you improve.

For pricing, see our golf lessons cost page.   

Special Occassion (Birthday, Anniversary), Receive our free event card when purchasing a lesson for your family member's or friend's birthday or anniversary.

Golf Skills Testing. Lesson packages include skills improvement evaluation and testing. Find your true strong points and weak points. Test, measure, and compare your driving, approach shot, pitch shot, bunker play, chip shot, and putting skill levels with other levels of golfers. Fun for all! You can even test your shot making ability level under my Skill Level Award Certificate Program, or our special Skills Competition (adult and youth). 

Complete Golf Instruction Program:

If you like to learn on your own, ask about our "PLAYING GOLF INSTRUCTION MANUAL"  with video instruction. It provides a step by step guide for learning golf and improving your golf skills and abilities.

Golf Lessons / Instruction Programs

NEW: 12-Lesson Golf School "Learn to Play Golf" Beginner Program - For adult and youth students, this proven instruction process will build your golf swing, teach you how to consistently make good contact with the ball, and how to enjoy and really PLAY golf.  This multi-week program parallels the book, "Playing Golf Instruction Manual", with specific excerpts from the book included as the lessons progress.

Enjoy Pure Michigan and all that Michigan golf can offer, including my special golf lessons, golf instruction programs, and the many beautiful golf courses available.

Golf Southeast Michigan 


I am located in the Brighton Michigan area, near the I-96 and US-23 intersections, (about 25 miles north of Ann Arbor), and I also provide lesson in the west Michigan area, near Manistee and Muskegon..

Ask about my free getting started lesson for beginning golfers

Contact me to schedule your Free beginner lesson or to learn more about our lesson programs and how we can help you significantly improve your golfing skills. 


Youth Golf Camp / Golf School Program, Ages 8 - 14

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced - - Programs are conducted throughout the spring/summer. Please contact me for the schedule and fees. 

"Family Together" or "Friends Together" Golf Instruction

Our Family Together program offers a family of up to 5 members, at least one of which must be the parent, the opportunity to learn together at a family-affordable price.

Each family member must be near the same level of play when the instruction begins so that you can learn together and then help each other during your at home practice sessions.

The Friends Together program offers a group of friends (two persons to a max of 6 persons) the small group learning experience that can help you learn and quickly improve your ability level.  Like the family program, it is best if all persons are at about the same ability level when beginning the program. 

THE YOUTH DRIVE AND CHIP AND PUTT INSTRUCTION PROGRAM. Help your young golfer prepare for competition in driving, chipping and putting events.

Contact me to learn more about these small group programs or for scheduling your family or friends small group lessons program.

In addition, we offer private and semi-private lessons, and special youth programs for junior golfers ages 8 - 14, and 15-17.  Contact me for details and pricing.

I are looking forward to helping you improve your golf skills. 

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