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Golf Instruction Courses, Training and Lessons
Learn to Improve Your Game - Play Better Golf

Learn to Improve Your Game - Play Better Golf

Golf Instruction Training Program:  Improve Your Game

It's your own private golf school

Golf Grip-In the Fingers

 Golf Instruction Courses

A proven step-by-step process for learning golf
and improving your skills.

These state-of-the-art golf instruction training courses provide a focused golf instruction program that will help you improve your golfing ability in the most cost-effective manner.

Each training course includes a "how-to" golf instruction manual with vivid graphics and step by step instruction with learning exercises/drills that will help you build your best golf swing and execute accurate and consistent golf shots.

You can start, stop, and restart or repeat your golf instruction any time.

The golf instruction courses contain important instructional design elements that help you learn and retain the skills that you develop.  The training is designed for both beginner golfers and for more experienced golfers. 

You can take the training as a complete golf instruction program, using our comprehensive "Playing Golf Instruction Manual"; or take one golf instruction course at a time that has focus on a specific improvement need, e.g., "Getting More Distance"; or you can take a set of training courses, e.g., "Short Game Skills", for a focus on a set of complimenting golf skills (putting, chip shots, pitch shots, wedge play).

Contact us for a complete description of each course and the overall instruction program.
Course Titles:
Learning and Playing Golf
Improve Your Putting
Golf Set-up and Golf Swing Success
Releasing the Golf Club
Chip Shots and Pitch Shots
Wedge Play
Improve Your Swing Speed and Tempo
Get More Distance

"Combined Beginner Set" (Learning Golf, Improve Your Putting, and The Golf Swing) 

"Short Game Skills" (Chip Shots and Pitch Shots, Wedge Play)

Comprehensive Golf Instruction: "Playing Golf Instruction Manual"  
(NOTE TO PARENTS, COACHES, AND INSTRUCTORS: This comprehensive golf instruction program provides 
a great basis for helping your child, or your students, follow a specific and measurable path toward improvement. 

After you complete these golf instruction courses you will have developed the skills that you need to improve your game and have more fun when you play or practice golf.


You will improve and have fun while learning!

Golf Instruction Courses - Trajectory  

Short Game skills training is provided in the Short Game Set, which included the chip shot and pitch shot course, and a chapter specifically on "Wedge Play".

Learn to improve your swing tempo and swing speed with the "Get More Distance" training course. It focuses on swing plane, sweet spot contact, rhythm/tempo, and methods to increase swing speed with applied power.

NOTE TO PARENTS, GOLF COACHES, AND INSTRUCTORS: This golf training program provides a great basis for helping your child, or your students, follow a specific and measurable path toward improvement.

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Instructor-led Golf Lessons

We provide instructor-led golf lessons and clinics in southeast Michigan (See Michigan Golf Lessons)

The instruction provided in many of the instructor-led golf lesson programs follows the sequence and instruction described in the golf instruction courses books.

For the experienced golfer we offer swing speed and swing tempo measurement assistance, club selection distance measurement, video analysis, and select training aids that help develop swing consistency and improved ball striking. 

For the beginner golfer we offer a non-intimidating learning process that is fun and definitely successful. You will improve very quickly!

Contact us to learn about our approach, or to schedule your personal or group lessons.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please contact us at training @  

Have fun playing Golf - A sport you can enjoy your entire life!

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