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Golf Instruction / Lessons for ALL Beginners
Learn and Play Golf

Learn and Play Golf

See complete outline, below.

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This set of instructional videos, with the graphic student ebook manual, discuss learning and practicing golf and playing on the golf course. 
Everyone who plays golf, or is thinking about playing golf, should take this one golf instruction training course. It will help new golfers get off to a great start.

Parts 1 and 2 includes discussion on equipment, rules, etiquette, handicaps, difficult courses vs. easy courses, tee time, pace of play,  Part 3 discusses playing on the golf course and provides example par 4, par 3 and par 5 holes, a playing golf simulation practice process, and much more.

The instruction videos are over 1 hour in total length. (Watch Video Info Here). The student ebook manual that parallels the instruction video is included and will be delivered to your registered email address. 

This detailed golf instruction is available online. See below for details and Course Outline.

Purchase the "Learn and Play Golf" Parts 1 and 2 ONLINE instruction HERE

Purchase the "Learn and Play Golf" Part 3 ONLINE instruction HERE 

Course Outline: Learn and Play Golf

Part 1
Golf quiz
Basic rules and etiquette
Equipment, Clubs, Shafts, Balls
How to keep Costs LOW!
Hybrids and Woods
Part 2 
Other equipment (shoes, bag, markers, etc.)
Are you ready to begin?
Which golf courses?
Scorecards and handicaps
Making tee times
Keeping Pace of Play

Part 3 
What to do and look for when on the golf course
How to actually play golf
(examples, the 1st hole, par 4)
On the green - Putting
More examples (par 3 and par 5 holes)
Golf play simulation process
Instruction Course Summary

Contact me if you have any questions.

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