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Playing Golf Instruction Manual
A Golf Instruction Book for All Golfers

A Golf Instruction Book for All Golfers

"Playing Golf Instruction Manual"

This new golf instruction e-book provides step by step graphic and detailed instruction that will help you learn to play golf and significantly improve your golfing skills.

Golf Instruction Manual

"All of our online instruction courses now available in one ebook."

What You Receive

This golf instruction training program takes you from your first thoughts of playing golf to shooting your lowest scores ever!

Each chapter provides discussion and graphic examples on the specific topic, technique or method. 

The learning exercises, with objectives and goals, and with templates for you to record results and measure your improvement, will help you quickly understand the exercise and enable you to execute the technique or skill that is presented.

The entire book (11 chapters, over 400 pages) provides numerous weeks of golf lessons that will help you quickly improve.

Purchase the complete golf instruction courses "Playing Golf Instruction Manual" ebook HERE. 

Each section will be sent directly to your email address immediately after your purchase is verified. 

(Video that complements the instruction manual and has detailed examples and demonstrations of each learning exercise are available through the Golf Instruction Courses VIMEO OnDemand website. This instruction manual ebook is included with the purchase of the complete video-based course on Vimeo, or it can be purchased here separately without any video-based instruction / demonstrations.)

Golf Manual in 3-ring Binder


Playing Golf Instruction Manual

Chapter 1. Learn and Play Golf  - Discusses learning golf and playing on the golf course. If you are a beginning golfer, or have family members or friends who are taking up golf, then this one chapter will help you get off to a great start. Topics include etiquette, practical rules of golf, equipment, practice, and how to play golf on the golf course.

Chapter 2. Improve Your Putting -  See why and how you should learn to be a great putter, and how easy it can be. Topics: Putters, Putting methods, pre-putt routine, accuracy, distance control, Putting Learning Exercises.

Chapter 3. Pre-shot Routine and Basic Golf Swing

 (a) Set-up and Pre-shot Routine:  Your swing starts with your set-up. Learn how to take a proper grip, establish your alignment, stance, posture, and ball position. Learn a pre-shot routine and how to reduce tension before beginning your swing.

 (b)  A Basic Golf Swing: Learn how to make a golf swing that is in balance and consistently brings the clubface on plane and square to the target line. Topics examine swing positions, proper rotation, weight shift, swing path, etc. 

Chapter 4. Golf Swing Success, AKA-Getting the Ball in the Air: Stop dribbling the ball down the fairway. Learn how to let the clubface loft provide the ball trajectory that it was designed to deliver. We focus on proper swing path, angle of attack, weight distribution, accuracy, and distance control. Get the ball in the air and directly toward your target. 

Chapter 5. Chip Shots - Put your game into the scoring zone with accurate short and long chip shots. Discusses chip shot techniques, short and long chip shots and knock-down shots. Improving your short game is the quickest way to lower your score.  

Chapter 6. Pitch Shots - Like the chip shot, the pitch shot a finesse shot that is very important in the scoring zone. This instruction discusses and demonstrates lofted pitch shots. 

Chapter 7. How to Release the Golf Club - Learn to release the club so you acquire your maximum swing speed near the impact position. 

Chapter 8. Wedge Play -
 Learn about wedges, bounce, wedge shots and distances, and how to get out of sand bunkers.

Chapter 9 - Approach Shots - From the fairway to the green with your mid-irons and longer clubs. 

Chapter 10 - Tee Shots - Discussion and graphic details for Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5 Tee shots.

Advaned Instruction: Get More Distance - This instruction is for golfers who have completed the entire golf instruction courses training program, or for those experienced golfers who have a fairly good and consistent golf swing but need a little more distance with each of their clubs to be more competitive and have more fun. From wedge to driver, learn the elements necessary to really acquire more distance.  Topics include equipment, sweetspot contact, swing path, swing speed, rotation speed, swing tempo, angle of attack, lag development, applied power, etc.  Learn to drive the ball farther than you ever thought possible.

Purchase any single chapter, or the entire e-book. Download each chapter immediately after your purchase.

Each chapter, or the entire e-book (all chapters), is sent to your email address. The appropriate learning exercise / drill data sheets are also sent to your email address. These data sheets can be printed for your use as described in the instruction program. 

For more information on each ebook please see the Golf Instruction ebook page.

Contact us if you have any questions. If you would like instructor-led lessons, please see the Michigan Golf Lessons webpage.

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