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Your Complete Golf Instruction Program
"eBook: Playing Golf Instruction Manual"
This 400-plus page e-book, "Playing Golf Instruction Manual", is your step by step guide to playing golf and improving your skills. It is for beginner or experienced golfers.

It is the student manual that is provided with the complete Playing Golf Instruction Program series of videos. Each chapter provides discussion and graphic examples on the specific topic, technique or method. From learning about playing golf and developing a proper golf swing, to putting and short game skills, to approach shots and tee shots, this instruction will help you become a better golfer.

The learning exercises, with objectives and goals, and with templates for you to record results and measure your improvement, will help you quickly understand the exercise and enable you to execute the technique or skill that is presented. Consider the exercise drills your homework. They will help you develop your skills.

The ebook is in an adobe pdf read only format and is compatible with most systems. 

The book is divided into sections and provided to your registered email address immediately after your purchase.

It is your most cost-effective way to receive the golf instruction that you need. (You can purchase individual "Courses" that are extracted from this complete instruction program. If you are an inexperienced golfer please follow the instruction sequence, as one skill builds on the next as you go through the instruction and work at improving.)

Chapter 1. Learn and Play Golf - Discusses learning and practicing golf and playing on the golf course. THIS IS ONE CHAPTER THAT ALL GOLFERS SHOULD READ!

Chapter 2. Improve Your Putting - Become very good at putting the golf ball. Learn putting methods, accuracy and distance control, and drills that will help you make more putts.

Chapter 3. Set-up and a Basic Golf Swing - This golf instruction shows you how to be in position to make a good golf swing within your physical capability, and then make a good golf swing. 

Chapter 4. Golf Swing Success - This is a key instruction within the training program. It helps you make proper contact witht the golf ball and hit your shots in the air and toward your target line. There are numerous learning exercise drills that you will need to complete that will help you significantly improve your golf swing and shots.

Chapter 5. Chip Shots - Improving your short game is the quickest way to lower scores. This instruction demonstrates how to make short, long and longer chip shots and get them lose to the cup/hole.

Chapter 6. Pitch Shots - This instruction continues from the chip shot instruction with a little longer swing length and with wrist break that helps get the ball high in the air. Making good pitch shots are an important short game skill.

Chapter 7. How to Release the Golf Club - Learn to properly release the golf club and maximize your swing speed near the area of impact.

Chapter 8. Wedge Play - Learn about wedges, bounce, wedge shots, distances and distance control. Also learn how to get out of sand bunkers.

Chapter 9. Approach Shots - This chapter discusses and demonstrates your 2nd or 3rd shots toward the green. It discusses club selection, lie of the ball, target location, distance from the target, and more. It demonstrates practice drills and shots with irons, hybrids and fairway woods.

Chapter 10. Tee Shots - This Tee Shots training course discusses and demonstrates Tee Shots from par 3, par 4 and par 5 holes. It discusses club selection, ball position in your stance, tee box angles, likely landing spot choices / target locations, and much more. 

Chapter 11. Get More Distance - From wedges to the driver, learn the elements necessary to really acquire more distance. Hit the ball farther than you ever thought possible.

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