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SwingRite Home Run Hitter
NEW Home Run Hitter by SwingRite

NEW Home Run Hitter by SwingRite

The amazing and newly designed SwingRite Home Run Hitter batting swing trainer is unique, effective, and the only swing trainer like it available.

It can help any baseball or softball player improve his/her swing speed, timing, applied power, and overall hitting ability and has become an essential training aid for players and coaches.


Like the SwingRite Golf Swing Trainer, which has been available for more than 40 years,

SwingRite Golf Swing Trainer   /   Baseball/Softball Swing Trainer

 Golf SwingRite Swing Trainer SwingRite Home Run Hitter Swing Trainer 

the new Home Run Hitter Batting Swing Trainer uses the same technology to help all baseball and softball players, from T-ball through little league and high school and into college, to greatly improve their timing and hand to eye to ball coordination, and to increase their swing speed, hitting distance and overall power.

This training product is a must for all coaches who want their ball players to play at a higher level and be more competitive.

The SwingRite Home Run Hitter should "CLICK" at the correct impact position!

Achieve Maximum Power and Distance when your bat is released with proper timing in the hit zone. Batters using the SwingRite Home Run Hitter can perfect the timing of their release because the release mechanism "CLICKS" when your hands release at your maximum bat speed (which should be sightly in front of home plate).

Measure Power as You Improve, with adjustment levels from the 9 starting point to the 1 maximum power point, the caliper settings of the Home Run hitter can be easily adjusted as your strength and swing speed improve.

Easy to Use!

It's a real, quality-made, name-brand hardwood bat, such as Louisville Slugger, that you hold just like your own bat.

New SwingRite Home Run Hitter

 SwingRite Design    The new design places the SwingRite mechanism and release clip inside the core of the bat, thus reducing the overall bat length and maintaining the ease of use and the audible click at the power release point during the swing.

Practice Anywhere! Home, office, garage, basement, baseball or softball warm-up area, off-season, pre-season, indoors or out!

Available in Varying Weights and Lengths for Players of Any Age, Size, or Ability: Men, women, youths, right or left-handed players, beginners or pros, T-ball, little league,  high school, and college teams.

And for physically strong high school, college, and professional players, the new "Heavy Hitter" provides a 34-inch / 44-ounce bat that will help build strength as it helps you groove and optimize your swing mechanics. 

Watch your power and swing speed improve - Combine the Home Run Hitter by SwingRite with the Swing Speed Radar from Sports Sensors and you have the tools for improving and measuring the improvement for every player on your team.

Make this your best baseball or softball season ever! Use the SwingRite Home Run Hitter to help you improve your swing and your hitting ability.

Click here to ORDER or to learn more about the SwingRite Home Run Hitter.

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