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SwingRite Home Run Hitter
SwingRite Home Run Hitter Batting Swing Trainer. This new and unique baseball and softball swing training aid can help any age batter improve their eye to hand to ball coordination, improve their release of the bat, and increase their swing speed, power and distance.

This swing trainer is available in sizes and weights for baseball and softball players of any age, from T-ball through college.

HOW IT WORKS: A high-quality wooden bat, typically a Louisville Slugger, is attached with a calibrated metal device that releases a slide that "CLICKS" when the bat reaches it maximum speed during the release of the hands and wrists.

This made in the USA device has been used for more than 40 years to help golfers improve their lag and release of the club to increase swing speed and power. It is now available for all baseball and softball players.
IMPORTANT: Although this is a real bat, DO NOT hit a ball with the Home Run Hitter Swing Trainer. Use it as a swing training aid to help develop the swing mechanics, strength, and power for better ball striking.

If you have a Little League or community youth organization with several age/size groups, please call or e-mail us to discus a quantity discount for several different size Home Run Hitter Batting Swing Trainers.

Choose the SwingRite Home Run Hitter Batting Swing Trainer that is right for your age, strength, or level of play.

NOTE: The more expensive "Heavy Hitter" model is only for PHYSICALLY STRONG high school, college, and professional / adult ball players.

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