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SwingRite Golf Swing Trainer
Use the SwingRite Golf Swing Trainer to help you sustain your lag, groove your swing, and identify the correct release point. There will be an audible "click" when you release the club. The ideal release point is at the bottom of your swing, or within a few inches forward of the bottom.

This training device, proven as a best golf swing training aid, helps you to consistently swing with a downward stroke and release the club near the bottom of your swing. Great for year-round practice. You can use the SwingRite golf swing trainer indoors or outdoors. If you are also an instructor, your students will see and hear immediate feedback and quickly improve their swing and release.

The SwingRite is about 35 inches long and weighs about 17 oz. You take your normal golf stance and grip (a molded grip model is available), hold the SwingRite about 6 inches above the floor or ground, and take your practice swing. The metal ring will slide forward and "click" when you release your hands and wrists during your swing.

A calibration dial lets you adjust the SwingRite to the strength of your normal swing. Beginners will be at about 9 or 8 on the dial; experienced players will be at about 6 or 5 on the dial. Very strong players or professionals might be at lower dial settings. Your objective is to groove your swing and learn to release your hands and wrists at the optimum location at the bottom of your swing.

NOW, we include free with your purchase of the SwingRite from this website our training e-booklet, "HOW TO RELEASE A GOLF CLUB". This brief training provides a student booklet (pdf format)  that demonstrates correct release of the club and how to best use the SwingRite golf training aid.

The SwingRite can be ordered with a regular golf grip, a pink-colored regular grip, or a molded grip that helps beginners correctly hold the club. The molded grips are available for right handed and left handed golfers.

Get into your swing. Buy the SwingRite Golf Swing Trainer now. 

Free Shipping to Continental US.

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