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Golf Short Game - Chip Shots, Pitch Shots, Putting
Short Game Skills - Chip Shots, Pitch Shots, & Putting

Short Game Skills - Chip Shots, Pitch Shots, & Putting

Developing your short game skills allows you to be a much  better golfer.

Since more than half of a score is dependent on shots less than 100 yards in distance, everyone can lower their scores by becoming very good at chip and pitch shots, wedge play, and putting.  

Chip Shots and Pitch Shots

Learn to get close to the cup and lower your scores by developing these simple skills to make accurate and consistent chip shots and pitch shots.

Most golfers do not reach the green in regulation, leaving themselves with the need to make a chip shot or pitch shot that should leave the ball within easy one-putt distance from the cup.

Get close with a proper chip shot 

Unfortunately, even experienced golfers suffer from the inability to consistently make accurate chip and pitch shots that allow them to score well.  They miss short, miss long, go back and forth over the green, and turn a should-be one-putt into a bogey or worse.

It has been reported that professional golfers make only 32% of their putts that are 10-feet from the cup, but make 70% that are within 6-feet from the cup. They rely on their chipping and pitching ability to get within that easy one-putt range so they can save par.

Making accurate chip and pitch shots is a skill that can be developed by following a learning process with focus specifically on shot execution and distance control. 

There is no magic. No secret club or device to buy. There is only technique, knowledge, shot execution, and self-confidence that you can make the shot.

Chip Shot Learning Process 

Chip Shot Process 

This training program, "Chip Shots and Pitch Shots", will help you develop the technique, knowledge, and shot execution ability to confidently make these shots and lower your scores.

The training discusses and demonstrates short chip shots, mid-length and longer chip shots, swing methods for these shots, and longer bump and run type shots.

In addition, it demonstrates how to consistently make pitch shots and control the distance in the air that the ball travels.

 Pitch Shots 


Pitch Shot Required 

What you get

The training includes:

  • Graphic student booklet that can be downloaded from the training website  
  • Learning exercises (drills) with worksheet templates that are in the booklets that you can use to track your shot improvement skills 
  • Optional DVD that demonstrates the techniques, shots, and learning exercises/drills

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer, this training will help you strike the ball better and get your chip and pitch shots close to the cup.

You can have this complete chip shot and pitch shot personal instruction program.

Improve your short game now. Only $25 for this "Chip Shot and Pitch Shot" golf instruction program ($55 with optional DVD).

Click here for more information or to see how to order this golf training program.

NEW!  Develop all of your short game skills with the combined training program, "Short Game Skill Set"

This training course set includes the "Improve Your Putting" program and the "Chip Shots and Pitch Shots" training program, a section specifically on Wedge Play, and two DVDs that demonstrate the techniques and learning exercises presented in the training booklets. SAVE. It  only cost $99. Contact us to order this instruction program.



If you would like to focus specifically on improving your putting ability, please see the information about our putting instruction program.

Putting Learning Exercise 

Contact us if you have any questions.


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