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Proven Golf Tips and Lessons


Here are some golf tips that will help you improve and better enjoy playing and practicing golf. 

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There is a lot of conflicting information when it comes to playing golf, the golf swing, and striking a golf ball. Often, there is more than one way to be successful and there are multiple techniques that produce positive results.

Beginning in May, 2015, we are providing golf tips based on techniques or processes that we have proven help our students and other golfers improve their skills and consistency. Expansion of each golf tip topic may be in our golf blog or in the lesson programs or e-book instruction manuals that we offer.

May 2015

The Golf Set-up
Set-up vs. Pre-shot Routine - For definition purpose, let's state that "Set-up" is how you address the ball just before you begin your stroke, and that the pre-shot Routine is a standard process that you go through for every shot.
You can practice your set-up nearly anywhere. Make sure it is correct and practice it over and over until it becomes automatic.
  • Identify your target line
  • Align your clubface with your target line
  • Establish your grip
  • Establish your ball position, stance and body alignment (typically parallel with your target line)
  • Relax your arms and hands with waggle or club rest
  • Look at your target line
  • Look at the ball
  • Breathe
No need to practice your swing here. Just repeat the set up over and over and over again. It will become a natural part of your pre-shot routine, leading to less stress and more consistent shots. 
For a little more detail see the recent golf blog. 

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