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Golf Skills Testing and Challenge
Golf Skills Testing and Challenge Program

Golf Skills Testing and Challenge Program

The golf skills testing and challenge program is open to all golfers.

How the Golf Skills Testing Program Works

Six golf skills are tested. These are the tee shot, the approach shot, the pitch shot, the green-side bunker shot, chip shots (long and short), and putting (long and short putts).

Your shot accuracy and consistency under the pressure of having to make the shot are the primary elements being tested, measured, and recorded.

 Golf Skill Levels

Six levels of ability have been established. These are Level 1 - Beginner, Level 2 - Weekender, Level 3 - Player, Level 4 - Challenger, Level 5 - Master, and Level 6 - Professional. 

The Professional Level represents a score that a PGA or LPGA professional would likely achieve, based on published data. 

A participation certificate is awarded that identifies your overall skill level achieved during the skills challenge test, ranging from Beginner Level to Professional Level.

Test your skills under this new Golf Skills Testing and Challenge Program!

Golf Skills Testing Criteria

Specific criteria have been established for each skill being tested.

Points are acquired based on how close your shots are to the cup.  The better the shot, the higher the score. 

Other specific rules will apply (such as use of USGA legal clubs, specified golf balls, junior, adult, senior age categories, etc.). The complete set of rules will be available to participants at the program venue.

Contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to conduct a golf skills testing and challenge event at your golf facility.  

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