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Golf Seminars and Clinics
Golf Seminar Schedule and Information

Golf Seminar Schedule and Information

Golf Seminar and Clinic Events

Contract Seminars and Golf Clinics 

 Golf seminars and clinics for organizations, golf leagues, conferences, youth clubs, and special events can be provided.

Typical Clinic Topics

  • Short Game Skills (Putting; Chip Shots, Pitch Shots)
  • Wedge Play
  • Using Hybrids
  • Long Drive - Maximizing Distance
  • Improving Swing Speed and Tempo Time
  • Dialing in Your Irons
  • Managing Difficult Lies and Shots
  • Getting Started Playing Golf - For Beginning Adult Golfers
  • Getting Started Playing Golf - For Youth Golfers / Youth Organizations

Contact us if your organization would like a golf clinic for a specific technique, or for a variety of golf shot skills. Clinics can be as short as 30 to 45 minutes, or expanded to 90 to 120 minutes.



This golf clinic demonstrates the K-vest and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) swing evaluation and fitness process, followed by methods to help you improve shot consistency, swing speed, tempo time, and distance.  It is about 2-hours in length. Some personal assistance time is usually available for attendees after the seminar.  Unique golf contests can be arranged. 

Golf Seminar and Clinics

Can't make the seminar or lessons in Michigan? Consider one of our golf instruction books. 

  • Learn and Play Golf
  • Improve Your Putting
  • Set-up, Swing, and Success
  • Getting the Ball in the Air
  • Chip Shots and Pitch Shots
  • Get More Distance
  • Improve Swing Speed and Tempo Time

Adults: FREE golf swing evaluation. Free golf starter lesson

 Contact us to schedule.

Location: Southeast Michigan, e.g., Tanglewood Golf Course Practice Range, and other locations in the Livingston, Western Oakland, Western Wayne, and Washtenaw counties.

The Tanglewood Golf Course Practice Range is on Country Club Drive and Royal Troon Drive, South Lyon, MI (south off of Ten Mile Rd, 1/4 mile west of Chubb Rd).

We also offer a "Bring a Friend" free lesson program. Contact us if you would like to attend.

Junior Beginner and Intermediate Level Golf Camps: NEXT JUNIOR GOLF CAMP PROGRAM IS SUMMER 2017

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Looking for golf tips and information?  Check out our golf blog at
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