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Golf GPS Rangefinders
Golf Buddy GPS Rangefinders

Golf Buddy GPS Rangefinders

The Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder 

 About the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder

We have looked at various brands and models and decided that the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS rangefinder provide the features that our students and blog readers could benefit from the most. 

We offer only what we believe is the best model, the Golf Buddy World Platinum


How it works

How Golf Buddy GPS Works 

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With the Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder you have automatic course and hole recognition, remaining distance - display to targets data, continuous distance updates and your current position, golf course customization, remaining distance to the green, calculate shot distance, and score and data tracking.

Let's look at the fully-featured Golf Buddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder.

Golf Buddy World Platinum

Golf Buddy World Platinum

The Golf Buddy World Platinum model has a large touch-screen display and special features such as pre-loaded courses, automatic course and hole recognition, no-fee downloads, no activation or annual fees, and added features such a score tracking module for 4 golfers, and a stats tracking module for one golfer. 


The Golf Buddy World Platinum will help you gain confidence by knowing exactly how far and where to go. With its unmatched 50 channel reception, anywhere you are on the world the Golf Buddy World Platinum receives robust and power GPS satellite signals. The Golf Buddy worldwide course library features courses that are professionally verified to accuracy and precision for our game.


With its unique automatic course and hole recognition feature, the Golf Buddy World Platinum will automatically know which course you are playing and which hole you are on. There is no need for aiming or manual operation to obtain distance information to the green when using the Golf Buddy. Courses from around the world are preloaded with no annual or activation fees. The Golf Buddy is a true GPS unit... Just turn it on and play!


The Golf Buddy World Platinum features 40,000 course storage capability, touch screen control, target customization technology, statistics analysis module, and a digital scorecard all packed in a water and shock resistant case. The Golf Buddy World Platinum is a full feature golf gps rangefinder, making it the most powerful GPS device on the market today.  

Features include:

  • Pre-loaded courses from around the world
  • High Resolution Color, Outdoor Visible, Full-function Touch Screen
  • No annual or activation fees
  • Ability to switch back and forth from standard numbers reading to layout mode
  • Four Player Tracking Module
  • Full statistical analysis module
  • Zoom in and out functions
  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • Measuring point moves as golfer moves throughout the course
  • Ability to measure to and from any point on the course
  • 40,000 course storage capacity
  • Shock and water resistant case design
  • 50 channel satellite reception
  • Distance measuring module
  • Customizable targets
  • Pin Placement / movement functionality
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Swivel holster

ORDER NOW: Golf Buddy World Platinum 

We include FREE SHIPPING to the continental US. 

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