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Free Online Golf Instruction
Golf Instruction Training Course

Golf Instruction Training Course

Free golf instruction training course is now available.

Here is what you receive

  1. Student Registration
  2. Access to a golf instruction training course and student booklet
  3. Access to the appropriate online video instruction 

Golf Putting Learning Exercise  Golf Driver Swing Path

This free golf instruction course is focused on putting, driving, and shot-making.

Try it yourself. We will e-mail you a student ID and password to access the program.  Click Here to Register.

See how the process can help you!

It is simple to take one of our Golf Instruction Courses.

1.  We e-mail you a student ID and Password so you can access the training.

      ID + Password = Access to training course

2.  You then log in to a training delivery website.

3.  You can then access and print the student booklets for the specific training course, and access the videos that demonstrate the techniques, shots, and/or learning exercises (drills).

Online Golf Instruction

4.  After you complete one of our golf instruction courses, you will have developed the skills that you need and you will have more fun when you play or practice golf.

 The result: More golf fun and lower scores!

Click Here to Register for this Free Golf Instruction Course.


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